Thursday, September 09, 2004

What's Wrong with Kerry

I have a running debate with some readers about John Kerry. He was not my first choice but I still want him to beat Bush. I know that the media is biased against him and in favor of Bush. We should keep this in mind when reading that Bush has a bounce or that Kerry is toast. However, I still think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about Kerry's campaign.

I am very troubled that both Kerry and the Democratic party acted as though the RNC protests never took place. I know there was concern that violent demonstrations might hurt his campaign. I always thought those fears were overblown and events proved me right.

The protesters are in fact the key to a Kerry victory. I state my case in the current issue of Black Commentator. There is also a great piece in Common Dreams about the role of corporate lobbyists in the Kerry campaign. It explains why all they can muster is W stands for wrong.

I keep hoping that Bush will make a mistake that hurts Kerry, but Bush has had 4 years of mistakes and he can still win this election. This morning I was apoplectic when Katie Couric asked James Carville how Kerry can attack the erroneous belief that Bush is stronger in the "war on terror."

Carville should have hit that one right out of the park. He mumbled something incomprehensible but all he had to say was this, "9/11 happened on Bush's watch and he didn't fire anyone on September 12th. He was also dragged kicking, screaming and hanging on to Dick Cheney when he finally spoke to the commission, and he wouldn't talk under oath. Who says he is better at fighting terror?"

As Al Franken would say, oy, oy, oy.