Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fascism Watch

Did you fly within the United States in June of this year? If so, big brother will soon have more information than just your name, rank and serial number.

The TSA is proposing a new system, yes, yet another system that will allegedly make us all more secure. In order to put said system in place, they are asking airlines to give them all of the information they have on anyone who traveled anywhere by air in June of 2004. They will have all of the information that an airline or travel agent has about travelers.

Recently Ted Kennedy and Congressman John Lewis discovered themselves to be on the no fly list. Like many other Americans they had no idea why they were on the list and despite being members of congress were not taken off immediately. Lewis was advised to add his middle initial to flight reservations. Voila! His name didn't come up again. If that is security I want no part of it.

Of course, this is all another step on the path to greater government control of our lives. It is also handy to keep voters frightened right before election day. Only frightened people will vote for George W. Bush.