Monday, September 03, 2018

#Unity4J Online Vigil in support of Julian Assange 4.0

I'm grateful to have been invited again to speak for Julian Assange.For now the Ecuadorean government has allowed him to stay in itsLondon embassy, but he is literally cut off from contact with theoutside world. He has no phone or internet connections and is not allowed any visitors. So we must speak for him.

I joined activists from around the world on September 1 to do just that. I start at about 1 hour 6 minutes into the program but you can also see and hear Suzie Dawson, Joe Lauria, Nat Parry,Ray McGovern, Ann Garrison, Daniel Ellsberg, Don DeBar, Craig Murray, Niko House and others in 11 hours of conversation about Julian and the political issues surrounding his imprisonment. Great binge watching if I do say so myself.