Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Go Ahead, Wring Your Hands

Michael Moore and others have told the doomsayers among us to buck up and stop worrying about Kerry. As a doomsayer, I took great exception to Moore's advice. It assumes that in fact we have nothing to worry about, when in fact we have rung the alarm bells for very good reasons. Kerry isn't the best candidate we had to choose from, period. I wasn't imagining problems with his campaign. They are painfully obvious to anyone who was paying attention.

Having said that, I had started to feel better about Kerry's chances when I read about large increases in voter registration in swing states. I believe that most of those new registrants are anti-Bush. As I pointed out yesterday, I was also heartened when Gallup's bogus 12% give-away to Republicans was revealed.

Of course, our candidate had to ruin my new optimism by turning into the Kerry of old. In his September 29th post Doug Ireland gives the low down on a dismal Kerry interview with Diane Sawyer. According to Ireland, Kerry has compounded his $87 million Iraq aid gaffe "I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it," by getting caught in a dopey lie. Read it here and yes, take out your hankies.