Thursday, December 23, 2004

What I Want for Christmas

I would like my faith back, thank you very much. I have become disgusted with my fellow Christians because they are so willing to suck up to the powerful in this world. I was so disgusted that I had to get in more than a few digs. Sometimes we have to talk bad about our people, which can mean our fellow citizens, our racial or ethnic group or in this case our coreligionists. Because of Christian wimpiness and cooperation with evil this Christmas is indeed a shameful one. Black Commentator is my vehicle for venting.
Bush is Still Wired

The man is either certifiably crazy, has tourettes, or he's talking to someone via a mic in his tie.

Bush is still getting audio help. There is no jacket "badly made jacket," but what excuse will the White House use this time. Actually they won't have to use an excuse because the corporate media will let him off the hook again. A description and video are here.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Challenge to Ohio Electors

I have learned that Sherole Eaton, a Deputy Director of Board of Elections in Hocking County, Ohio, has first hand knowledge of inappropriate and likely illegal election tampering in the Ohio presidential election in violation of federal and state law.

Congressman John Conyers

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC is still on the Ohio vote theft story. Perhaps they are making up for dumping Phil Donahue in favor of Chris Matthews. No they aren't, but I can dream.

Rep. John Conyers and other members of Congress are prepared to formally challenge Ohio's electors. Conyers has done an outstanding job of ferreting out the story of Ohio electronic vote theft. Conyers has done what John Kerry refused to do. He will prove that another presidential election was stolen.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Is There a Kerik Nanny?

To paraphrase the old saw, if this nanny hadn't existed, the White House or Kerik might have been awfully tempted to invent her. And perhaps they did.

Who is Bernard Kerik's nanny? You know, the one who was in the U.S. illegally and scuttled his nomination as Homeland Security czar.

Does such a person exist? Josh Marshall asks the pertinent questions.

Monday, December 13, 2004

But Wait, There's More

In 1998 a judge signed an arrest warrant for Bernard Kerik, would be chief of Homeland Security.
Haste Makes Waste

I forgot to mention. A former Bernard Kerik girlfriend, literary agent Judith Regan, hired a bodyguard to protect her from Kerik after they broke up. So much dirt, too little time.
Nanny Schnanny

Bernard Kerik claims he withdrew his nomination as Secretary of Homeland Security because his nanny was an illegal alien. Don't make me laugh.

Kerik harassed an employee of New York City's Corrections Department on behalf of a former girlfriend. Like anyone associated with Rudy Giuliani he was making a fortune by pimping 9/11. Potential conflicts of interest with a taser manufacturer that does business with Homeland Security were bound to come up. The New York Times (registration required) has part of the story, and Newsday has even more sordid details.

The most disgraceful part of this story is the continued wimpiness of democrats. Apparently none of them were going to raise the issue of unethical and possibly illegal activities committed by Kerik. Senators Clinton and Schumer were enthusiastically supporting his nomination.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Homeless Vets and Armless Babies

Who knew they would be screwed so very quickly? Iraq War vets are already showing up in homeless shelters across the country.

Like veterans of every other war that has ever been fought they are coming home physically and mentally traumatized.

"We had a few situations where, I guess, people were trying to get out of the country. They would come right at us and they would not stop," Brown said. "We had to open fire on them. It was really tough. A lot of soldiers, like me, had trouble with that."
"That was the hardest part," Brown said. "Not only were there men, but there were women and children -- really little children. There would be babies with arms blown off. It was something hard to live with."

Hard to live with for this soldier, not hard for Bush, Rumsfeld or the media who have let them have their way. We now have soldiers doing what the press is supposed to do. The poor guy who asked Rumsfeld about scrounging for material to make armor is now being villified by the right wing who claim to support the troops.

Drudge claims that the soldier was "coached" by a reporter. So what? The facts are simple, soldiers are ill equipped and Rumsfeld blew off their complaints. It won't take long for the hacks of the mainstream media to pick up where Drudge left off.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bhopal, India

Twenty years ago an industrial accident at a Dow/Union Carbide plant in Bhopal killed between 7,000 and 10,000 people in the days immediately following the accident and an additional 15,000 since.

According to the Amnesty International report, Clouds of Injustice:

Despite determined efforts by survivors to secure justice, they have been denied adequate compensation and appropriate and timely medical assistance and rehabilitation. Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), then owner of the pesticide factory in Bhopal, and Dow Chemical, which merged with UCC in 2001, have publicly denied all responsibility for the leak and the resulting damage. Astonishingly, no one has been held responsible.

The likelihood is that no one will ever be held responsible. If the old saying "What goes around comes around" is true then Americans shouldn't complain about Indians taking their jobs. We should see it all as karmic debt.