Monday, September 20, 2004

Fascism Watch

The Bush family is like the mafia. There is hell to pay if you cross them. Just ask Dan Rather or Bill Burkett. Take a look at Just Cut Out Their Tongues, a great piece in Common Dreams.

The flap about the CBS documents obscures some very important points. One, George W. Bush bragged to more than one person that his father pulled strings to get him into the Texas Air National Guard. Two, he was missing from duty for at least one year. Salon sums it up well.

In any case, the Common Dreams piece brings back old memories, of BCCI, of CIA chief William Casey dying suddenly when he was about to testify about the deal to keep hostages in Iran until after election day in 1980.

Something dastardly always happens when the Bushes and their henchman, Karl Rove, are around. Rove bugged his own office to make it look like an opponent had done it. He was probably behind the mysterious mailing of the Bush debate preparation tapes to Al Gore.

How did the right wing manage to raise questions about the authenticity of the documents within hours of the broadcast? It all stinks to me. Of course, if our so-called journalists paid any attention to the first Bush draft dodging story from the Boston Globe in 2000, none of this would matter.