Friday, February 11, 2011

Worthless Liberals

Aren't they always? The shallowness and indeed the corruption of liberal commentators has been on full display as events have unfolded in Egypt.

Atrios and Digby had no problems giving us their two cents when Bush was president, but now that the guy at the top of the greasy pole is a democrat, they can't find anything to say. They see that Obama has been sitting on the fence, trying to look like he wants change when he really does not.

"On Egypt I got nothin'." Really Atrios? Then it is time to close up shop and blog abut restaurants or fashion or travel and leave the commentary to the grown ups.

Hat tip to Chris Floyd

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Hyper Patriotism and the Super Bowl

I am trying to watch the super bowl pre-game show, but I have to be subjected to a recitation of the declaration of independence, and lots of people in uniform. Even Fox isn't stupid, they have football legends everyone loves and many people of color and women in uniform along with men, but it is just too jingoistic for me.

Sports are supposed to be non-partisan. People of any political view point should be able to watch the super bowl without getting a dose of hyper patriotism. Hopefully I can just watch the game now without any more political interruptions.

Obama Admits Rendition Guilt to Bill O'Reilly

I sat down to watch the Super Bowl pre-game show only to learn that I would have to sit through a Bill O'Reilly interview with the president. I could have turned to another channel but I was transfixed, sort of like seeing an accident by the side of the highway. Like Clinton before him, Obama dealt with a mid-term election setback by embracing the right wing. What better way to do so than to appear on Fox news on Super Bowl Sunday.

My favorite moment came when O'Reilly asked Obama about Egypt. I don't have a transcript (it happened just a few minutes ago), so I'm paraphrasing. O'Reilly said the following to the president.

"They know a lot of bad things about us, the renditions and all."

O'Reilly asked the same question twice, but Obama did not reply either time. What an admission of guilt, an indictment of American wrong doing. I have to note that it all started under Bush, but the U.S. has been sending terror suspects to Egypt and other countries where they are tortured by operatives of the host nation or by Americans themselves.

It may have started with Bush, but Obama has done nothing to stop it, and he admitted it on live television.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ronald Reagan Possessed by Demons

Must we really spend an entire year hearing about how wonderful Ronald Reagan was? It seems so, Obama established a Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission for that very purpose. Thanks for nothing Barack.

At any rate, it is important to remember that Reagan was a truly awful president who ruined this country and the world. The growing income inequality and American empire building can all be laid at his door step.

These are the words of Miguel D'Escoto, foreign minister of Nicaragua when Reagan made war against that nation.

More perhaps than any other U.S. President, Reagan convinced many around the world that the U.S. is a fraud, a big lie. Not only was it not democratic, but in fact the greatest enemy of the right of self-determination of peoples. Reagan, as you mentioned just a few minutes ago, was known as the great communicator, and I believe that that is true only if one believes that to be a great communicator means to be a good liar. That he was for sure. He could proclaim the biggest lies without even as much as blinking an eyelash. Hearing him talk about how we were supposedly persecuting Jews and burning down non-existent synagogues, I was led to believe really, that Reagan was possessed by demons. Frankly, I do believe Reagan at that time as much as Bush today was indeed possessed by the demons of manifest destiny.

That pretty much says it all.