Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vacation Time

No more posting until the end of the month. Of course, if Bush started a new war I would shake myself from my self-imposed stupor and put fingers to the key board.
Hot Ghetto Mess and White Celebrities

"The black kid was driving." - Lindsay Lohan

Ah yes, the black kid is always the guilty one. Lindsay Lohan's club hopping friend is lucky to be living at this particular moment in history. There was a time when a convenient lie told by a white woman resulted in the death of a black man.

Lohan is a druggie but she is better than Phil Spector. He is a killer. In my Black Agenda Report column I ask why the murdering Spector gets less press attention and vitriol than accused dog fighter Michael Vick. The question is rhetorical because the answer is obvious.