Sunday, December 30, 2018

Russiagate is the Scam That Will Not Die

Russiagate will not be allowed to die. So far there is no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government. Yet the democratic party, the corporate media and their friends in the establishment continue to manufacture falsehoods and exclude the view points of anyone who counters their narrative. The democrats need an excuse to explain away their 2016 loss and a weapon to continue their imperial designs. They also refuse to give their voters what they want and need to create a villain in order to get support. Glen Ford and I discussed Russiagate in this week's edition of Black Agenda Report Radio.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Bearman Radio Show Interview

I had a great time interviewing on the Bearman Radio Show, a Portland based podcast. We discussed the Integrity Initiative, the Russiagate cult, how the duopoly fail us and more. Listening to us talk is a good use of your time. We start at about five minutes into the program. Enjoy.

Listen to "Margaret Kimberley" on Spreaker.

The Integrity Initiative

Unless you know who to follow on social media you don't know anything about the Integrity Initiative. It is a British intelligence agency cut out, officially intended to fight Russian influence. In fact it manipulates opinion with the help of "clusters" of so-called journalists who libeled Jeremy Corbyn, interfered in Spanish politics and even spied on the Bernie Sanders campaign. The Integrity Initiative was the subject of my latest Black Agenda Report column which was entitled "UK and US PSYOPS Collusion." I urge you to read as much as you can on this subject.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

On the News Line Interview on Trump Border Wall and Government Shutdown

Here is the second video. My comments here are more relevant.

Comments on Presstv's On the News Line

I was invited by On the News Line to discuss Trump's border wall and the government shutdown. There are two videos that I'll share. This is the first.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Margaret Kimberley and Joe Lauria discuss The Guardian's smear-journalis...


Thanks to the #Unity4J team for inviting me once again to participate in an online vigil in support of Julian Assange. Joe Lauria and I talked about the Guardian newspaper's lies about Julian.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Convo with Douglas Lain about Yellow Vests in France and Immigration Here

Another great discussion with Douglas Lain.We started talking about the Yellow Vest movement and then went on to issues about immigration and racism here in the United States. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

#Unity4J Online Vigil in support of Julian Assange 7.0

I was honored to once again join Suzie Dawson, Joe Lauria, Ray McGovern, Chris Hedges, George Szamuely, Graham Elwood, EleanorGoldfield, and Simon Floth to discuss how best to support Julian Assange.

It is no coincidence that the MI6 mouthpiece,The Guardian, tried to connect him with Paul Manafort just as RobertMueller issued his sentencing memo and claimed that Manafort didn't cooperate with him. I wrote about this issue in my current Black Agenda Report column, "Mueller, Manafort and Assange."

Ecuadorean president Lenin Moreno has publicly declared his intention to revoke Assange's amnesty and kick him out of that nation's embassy in London.Please listen to our discussions and support Julian Assange. 

Sunday, December 02, 2018

George H.W. Bush WBAI Interview

Yesterday I spoke to Paul DeRienzo on WBAI about the legacy of George H.W. Bush. The corporate media is full of hagiography about him. In other words, lies and white washing about his many criminal acts. I discussed everything from his collusion with Iran to prevent the hostage rescue, and the invasion of Panama, which was practice for the attack on Iraq. You can listen here.