Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Barack Obama Disappoints

No, I'm not crazy about Mr. Wonderful and I don't care if everyone else has fallen under his spell. No, I don't care if he runs for president or not. He has proven himself to be no better than other Democrats, so I see no reason for the hyperventilation. Anyone promoted by right wing columnist David Brooks is no friend of mine.

My lack of love for Barack Obama is a result of both my cynicism in general and his failure to do what any Democrat ought to do. Support for Ned Lamont in his Connecticut Senate race should be a litmus test for all Democrats and the celebrity of the moment has failed that test.

In August Connecticut Democrats made their feelings clear. They were sick of Joe Lieberman and gave him the back of their hands as soon as they had someone else to vote for. Lieberman felt entitled to hold onto his seat and decided to run as an independent. His biggest supporters are Republicans, so the independent label is a very sick joke.

Obama endorsed Lieberman before the primary and made a public appearance with the rat bastard to make good on his endorsement. He was shrewd enough to support Lamont after the primary but has avoided being seen in public with him. Hillary Clinton has done the same thing. She loaned Lamont her fund raiser and has met with him privately, but it was Lieberman who got Clinton face time and a photo op.

Senator celeb is criss crossing the country raising money for Democrats and promoting his book. Yet he can't seem to find his way to Connecticut and Ned Lamont, the party nominee in that state. Maybe he has a one visit per state rule.

Lieberman may well help the GOP retain Senate control. He may take a job with the Bush administration and let the Republican governor choose a successor. Or he may just switch teams and hand the Senate over to the Republicans.

If that happens Obama lovers must then ask their idol and other Democrats some hard questions. Where were you when Dems needed you?

It isn't really hard to figure out. Obama is playing it safe. Whether he wants to run for president or settle for veep with Hillary, he has to loe the line. If he has to toe the line, why get excited about him? Clintonian triangulation in black face is no cause for celebration.