Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe Biden drunk on campaign trail - NOT a joke video

Hmmm. It may explains his famous "gaffes." Read my Black Agenda Report column on Wednesday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell is Still a Criminal and So Are Most Progressives

"I'm well aware of the role I played [in the Iraq war]. My role has been very, very straightforward. I wanted to avoid a war. The president agreed with me. We tried to do that. We couldn't get it through the U.N. and when the president made the decision, I supported that decision. And I've never blinked from that. I've never said I didn't support a decision to go to war."
Colin Powell

Liar, liar pants on fire. Chris Floyd explains.

"This is murderous bullshit of the highest order. Before the invasion, Bush and Powell claimed they were being forced to consider war because of Iraq's alleged non-compliance with past UN demands to destroy its WMD arsenal and programs. In late 2002, the UN duly authorized -- and Iraq accepted -- a vigorous program of inspections to verify compliance -- or discover non-compliance. This process was going on, successfully, with cooperation from the Iraqis, when George W. Bush ordered the UN inspectors out of the country, before they finished their work, so that he could launch a military invasion -- which was now unnecessary by the very criteria that he and Powell had set out publicly."

Tell me again, why do "progressives" love Obama and Powell? Because they aren't any better, that is why. Americans from almost every point on the political spectrum applaud their government's use of force. There are very few people who really believe that it is wrong for the American government to invade Iraq or any other country for that matter. Some think the war was "mismanaged" while others just disliked George W. Bush. Most progressives supported Bill Clinton's bombing of Bosnia and the deaths of thousands, I have to admit that I didn't think about it at the time. I was democrat, he was a democrat. I didn't question his decision and I supported him whenever he was attacked by republicans.

Were it not for the influence of wonderful people like my friends Glen Ford and Fr. Simon Harak I would probably be in the thrall of Obama too. It took thought and education for me to think differently from most other people.

So it isn't surprising that Powell is not seen as the no good lying murding dog that he is.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trig is Palin's Grandson

Will this shoe drop before election day? The New York Times asked Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin for their medical records. Obama and Biden said yes, but McCain and Palin said no. McCain's reasons are obvious. If his melanoma has not recorred already it is likely to do so in the future. He released some records to the press but reporters were not allowed to make copies of them.

As for Palin, what reason could she possibly have not to turn over her records? If she does they will show that she has given birth to four kids, not five. Trig is her daughter Bristol's child. You heard it here first.
Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

“Colin Powell is the most powerful and damaging black to rise to influence in the world in my lifetime.”
Randall Robinson

Robinson spoke too quickly. In 2004 who knew that Barack Obama would be on the verge of being elected president. Powell now has competition for Robinson's condemnation.

Robinson was speaking of Colin Powell's dirty work in the Bush administration to overthrow Jean Bertrand Aristide, the elected president of Haiti. Powell lied to members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who were forced to bumb rush the White House and get an audience with Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Bush. All three lied in their faces. They promised not to undermine Aristide but two days later they orchestrated a coup and a kidnapping against him.

Powell has a lot of blood on his hands. The year before he helped destroy Haiti, he led the charge for the U.S. to invade and occupy Iraq. Chris Floyd describes Powell's perfidy.

"In fact, it is not too much of a stretch to say that Colin Powell is more responsible for the mass murder spree in Iraq than any other person except George W. Bush, who gave the actual order for the hit. For it was Powell who "made the sale" for the Bush Faction's deceitful warmongering campaign, with his infamous February 2003 presentation to the UN, laying out the false evidence about Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction. After that farrago of artfully delivered lies, the American Establishment -- urged on by the fawning, bloodthirsty commentariat -- lined up solidly behind the war. After all, if Colin Powell -- so "reasonable," so "honorable," so "honest" and "bipartisan" -- stood foursquare behind the Bush case for war, then it must be ironclad."

Colin Powell is the ultimate careerist. If he had resigned from the Bush administration before lying like a cheap dirty rug at the U.N. he would be on the verge of the presidency now instead of Obama. But that isn't his thing. He is a courtier. He attempted to cover up the My Lai massacre and he and his boss Caspar Weinberger engineered the Iran Contra arms for hostages deals. Powell has been behind American government wrong doing for the past four decades.

It is little wonder that today Powell announced his endorsement of Obama. They are a perfect pair. One works behind the scenes, the other wants the top job.

The progressives who have fawned over Obama are still fawning tonight. A Powell endorsement ought to be the kiss of death, but liberals have silently colluded with Obama all year long. Why should they stop now? So what if the architect of death and destruction in Iraq has endorsed their beloved leader.? They just want to win. They want their guy to be at the top of the killing food chain. Any pretense of progressive politics is just that.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cindy McCain

"The two often relax in separate places: Mr. McCain prefers the family’s ranch in the Arizona desert, while Mrs. McCain’s refuge is a high-rise condominium on the Pacific. "
New York Times

So the McCains are separated, not hard to do when you have eight homes. I don't really care, but the media have no problem picking and choosing whom they will scrutinize and whom they will not. The New York Times wrote a truly tawdry, unseemly article on Bill and Hillary Clinton last year, claiming that the public were interested in their private lives, a specious argument at best.

"Four other senators were implicated, and one Senate spouse: Mrs. McCain. She and her father had invested in a shopping center with Mr. Keating, and while Mr. McCain insisted that he had reimbursed Mr. Keating for vacations their families had taken together in the Bahamas, he said his wife, the family bookkeeper, could not find the receipts."

Remember the Keating scandal? It was yesteryear's financial crisis, with the taxpayers bailing out the savings and loan industry. McCain used his influence to help one crook in particular, Charles Keating. I had never read before that Cindy McCain and her family had a personal interest in this scandal, so the Times was correct in pointing it out.

Glenn Greenwald, who alternates between good investigative journalism and useless namby pamby liberalism, takes the Times to task for the story. I disagree strongly. Candidates for public office give up their privacy, and someone who has half-siblings yet describes herself as an only child ought to be called on her lie. The Times pointed out that the McCains lie about their private life when they claim to be a married couple and that his wife profited from the savings and loan thievery. Cindy McCain has also injected herself into the campaign, it was she who first posited that Alaska's proximity to Russia gave Sarah Palin foreign policy credentials.

Greenwald and his ilk are a huge problem. He did great reporting on Obama's FISA treachery, but then rejected the notion that progressives ought to withhold support from him because of it. We should just accept the loss of our constitutional rights, hold our noses, and vote for the "lesser" of two evils. Although if democratic presidential candidates think we have no fourth amendment rights, their evil isn't any less.

At any rate, I'm glad the times exposed the Cindy McCain fraud.

"Cindy McCain was new to Washington and not yet 30 when she arrived at a luncheon for Congressional spouses to discover a problem with her name tag.

It read “Carol McCain.” That was the well-liked wife John McCain had left to marry Cindy, to the disapproval of many in Washington."

Married woman don't like home wreckers. Thank goodness.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wish I'd Said That

"To me, Obama's friendship with Ayers and Dohrn means that once he rubbed shoulders with amateur bombers, but now pines for the Real Fucking Deal. As president, Obama will have access to weapons that ancient radicals could only imagine while tripping. Better, he's free to use them, hell, expected to use them, and I have complete confidence that Obama will do just that. Instead of mailing cryptic messages to the media, he'll announce his murderous intentions on international television and all over the Web. So Obama palled around with people who blew up parts of empty buildings. If you desire to be the imperial manager, you gotta start somewhere."

Dennis Perrin

Friday, October 10, 2008

Is John McCain Sick?

John McCain never looked well. Lately he has looked very ill indeed. This two week old video from Crooks and Liars clearly shows that his left eye seemed to be drooping, which can be a symptom of stroke, among other conditions.

Counterpunch has received reports that McCain's melanoma has recurred, and that he may be receiving radiation treatments.

"An official in the National Institutes of Health, well known to our reader, has confided to her that in an informal conversation with a doctor in a California hospital the NIH official had learned that there had been a metastasis of McCain’s melanoma, and that this had come to light in a checkup in the past few weeks."

John McCain has not released his medical records to the press, but this is nothing new. In 2004 Bush skipped his August physical until after election day and when Reagan ran for re-election in 1984 he already knew that he had colon cancer but kept that fact from the public.

If the corporate media did their job, they would demand that presidential candidates release all medical records. Of course, many things would be different if they lived up to the title journalist, but I digress. McCain is sick, and it should have come to light sooner.

He is behind in every poll, and if reports of illness become more wide spread it is safe to say that he will lose. Of course, the thought of President Palin is taking a toll on his poll numbers too. If he should pass away in the near future, there ought to be a public outcry about the story that should have been. Oh wait, I'm sorry. No one cries out anymore. I forgot myself.