Thursday, September 02, 2004

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

I just caught the tail end of a Larry King interview with George H.W. Bush, his son Marvin Bush and a youngster named Pierce Bush. In case you didn't know, this family believes it has the divine right to rule over us all.

As the interview ended, Marvin, the current President's brother, had this interchange with Larry King. I am relying on memory, and I will correct if necessary after I see a transcript from CNN.

"Thank God. You are the first person not to ask us about that mental midget, Michael Moore."
"You're the one who brought it up."
"Well, you didn't ask."
"It never occurred to me."

The Republicans just can't stand to be questioned. So they hate Michael Moore. He actually did what the rest of the press wouldn't. He raised some questions about the Bush presidency, 9/11 and the occupation of Iraq. He didn't even do it as well as he should have. I took him to task in my Black Commentator column, mostly for not bringing up the Israeli/neocon link.

In any case, the little he did accomplish is too much for the Bushies. Well, too bad. I don't care who or what they don't like. The Bush family did business with Nazi Germany, helped keep the hostages in Iran in order to prevent Carter's re-election, and they stole the presidential election in 2000.

I wish I were more optimistic about Kerry's chances. I don't want anyone in this clan governing our country ever again.