Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Now Age Conversations: "2016 Politics Wrap-Up" with Margaret Kimberley

Today I had my third discussion of 2016 with Craig Gordon of Now Age Press. We talked about the election of course and the frightening aftermath. Hillary Clinton's defeat exposed the precarious nature of the American project for world wide hegemony. Obama is spending his last few weeks in office with a determination to repress dissent and perhaps get us into war. The democrats are a mess and have been exposed as frauds. Craig and I dissect it all. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Margaret Kimberley and Ajamu Baraka Live video

I am grateful to the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for presenting their live videos during and after the presidential election. I was especially grateful to talk to Ajamu tonight about a wide range of issues for just 30 minutes. We did our best to cram in a lot of conversation. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Eva Bartlett and Hands Off Syria Coalition press conference at U.N. on December 9, 2016

So proud to see my friends journalist Eva Bartlett, Sara Flounders of International Action Center, Bahman Azad from U.S. Peace Council and Dr. Donna Nassor whom I have not met.

The Hands Off Syria Coalition sponsored Eva's nation wide tour. The timing for her trip was perfect. Syria is being liberated from the U.S./NATO, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish sponsored terrorists.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference (SHROC) final plenary

So you can download a Facebook live video onto youtube. Voila! Here you can see the final plenary featuring yours truly, Nsombi Lambright, Ajamu Baraka, Lamont Lilly, Karen Marshall, Nigel Jones and Khaula Hadeed.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Panel at SHROC conference

I was on the closing plenary panel. You can see video here.

Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference (SHROC) in Jackson, Mississippi

Photos from my weekend in Mississippi. The professional quality photos were taken by Lovette Kargbo-Thompson. The not so bad photos came from my phone.

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Fighting for Southern Human Rights

I must give a huge shout out to Don Debar of Community Public Radio (CPR) News. Back in March he asked me to be a regular guest on his program. So almost every week since then we have discussed my latest Black Agenda Report columns. It has been a lot of fun and a great experience for me. Right now Don has been purged from Facebook for mysterious reasons. I think it is because he recently traveled to Cuba. In any case I'm just taking a short end of year break but we'll back together in January.

Today we talked for our final 2016 program about Fighting for Southern Human Rights. I spent the weekend in Jackson, Mississippi at the Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference (SHROC) and met amazing people. We had a direct action at a Nissan plant and I was on a great panel with Ajamu Baraka and others.

There is nothing like being with like minded folks and pursuing a common goal. Our goal is liberation and that struggle continues. Listen to our talk here.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Black Fear in the Age of Trump

Don Debar and I resumed our conversations which are a great opportunity to discuss my Black Agenda Report columns in depth. This week Black Fear in the Age of Trump was the topic. Yes Trump is the latest representative of the white people's party and no that isn't good for black people. But it is also not good for us to give up our power and to think that we cannot decide upon or press ahead with our agenda.

In the 1950s and 1960s discrimination was legal. We had no allies in the media or corporate America. We had no money and half of all black Americans lived in the south and had no voting rights. We had nothing we now think we must have and yet we changed the nation.

We can do so again. No need to live in a state of dread or to cling to the discredited democratic party. Listen to Don and I talk here.

Hands Off Syria Coalition

 I am a member of the coordinating committee of the Hands Off Syria Coalition. HOSC is sponsoring a United States tour for Eva Bartlett, an independent journalists who has spend many years reporting from Syria. I was honored to appear on a panel in New York City with Eva, Bahman Azad of HOSC, Sara Flounders of the International Action Center and Dr. Ghias Moussa of Syria American Forum.  Please watch the entire video to learn the latest about Syria, which is not what you will see in the corporate media.

Zero Squared Podcast: Margaret Kimberley Takes on Trump

This grandiose title describes my conversation with Douglas Lain on his Zero Squared Podcast about a week after election day. Unfortunately it was too soon to give numbers on the election. I said that Hillary Clinton got 6 million fewer votes than Obama did in 2012. She actually got 400,000 fewer votes. Aside from that I'll stand by what I said.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Black Agenda Report on the Honor Roll

As always Don DeBar and I discussed my Black Agenda Report column. Black Agenda Report on the Honor Roll is a paean to BAR's independence and fearless analysis of United States foreign policy. Because of that we we ended up on the Is It Propaganda or Not list of supposedly Russian controlled media sites. This tale was spun by the  Washington Post which was clearly working with the democrats to make sure that regime change stays on the menu. Listen to our convo here.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Obama's Hollow Legacy

"Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton began the tradition of getting Democrats to support what they didn't like. Obama perfected the art, which ultimately led to the debacle. He will certainly not be the last to tempt the party faithful but in 2016 Democrats sold their souls and ended up with nothing. Defeat creates the most hollow feeling of all." 

Sorry that you are missing your Thursday Fix. Don DeBar and I took today off because of the holiday. Last week we discussed my Black Agenda Report column entitled "Obama's Hollow Legacy." You can listen to us here.

The Hollow Democrats

I spoke with Brendan Stone of Unusual Sources about my Black Agenda Report column entitled "Obama's Hollow Legacy."

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Presstv Interview on Police Murder

I was wearing my Black Power Matters t-shirt as I gave this Presstv interview. This was an opportunity to talk about black community control of the police, an important part of the Black is Back Coalition 19-point agenda for black self-determination. Black community control of the police is also a subtitle on the shirt. Too bad you can't see it.
I begin speaking at about 1 minute 35 seconds.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Black is Back Coalition Convention for Self-Determination

I love this slide from one of the presentations on the subject of black community control of the police. How I spend my free time.

Black Is Back Coalition's Black People's Political Convention

I forgot to mention that I was a speaker at the Black is Back Coalition conference for Black Self-Determination in Washington DC. We strategized on a 19 point agenda. Take a look at the video. You'll see discussions on the agenda, proportional representation, community control of the police, a panel on the then upcoming presidential election, and a great talk on the principles of international law embodied in the demand for reparations.

Sometimes video and audio are not in sync, but not to worry. Also don't try to watch all six hours at once. Take it in small bites. Uhuru! (That means freedom.)

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: Dump the Democrats for Good

My friend Don DeBar was a voice crying out in the wilderness. He said all along that Trump could win. Today we had our weekly conversation about my column in Black Agenda Report. It is called Dump the Democrats for Good and I mean every word of it. Listen up here. A good use of 30 minutes of your time.

Black Agenda Report on Donald Trump Victory

Well, I was wrong. I thought that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. Donald Trump is now president elect. Do you know why he won? No worries. The Black Agenda Report team explains.

The title of my column, Dump the Democrats for Good, is self-explanatory. Glen Ford tells us all about The Democratic Debacle - the Day After and Bruce Dixon says American Might Not Deserve Trump, But Dems and Hillary Deserved to Lose.

Just remember that Wednesday is always Black Agenda Report Day.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Russophobia: War Party Propaganda

That is the title of my latest Black Agenda Report column. I explain why Vladimir Putin is made a figure of fun, is accused of killing every Russian who ever met an unfortunate end, and is said to menace countries that are in fact threatening him. And in 2016 he is the foil for Hillary Clinton, whose unpopularity forces her to come up with new ways to demonize the already demonic Donald Trump.

Don DeBar and I discuss all this on CPR News. You can read my column here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Black and Brown Vote 2016

Earlier this year Glen Ford and I were interviewed for the Rhode Island Media Coop podcast Black and Brown Vote in 2016. We are featured in Episode 2. We spoke while the primaries were still underway but our thoughts and comments hold up with just one week to go before election day.

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Organizing in the Age of Hillary

Don DeBar and I returned to CPR News. We discussed my latest Black Agenda Report column entitled Organizing in the Age of Hillary. I was inspired to write after attending the Right to Exist, Right to Resist conference held in Chicago. More than 200 activists met to discuss strategies to fight imperialism, police violence and neo-liberal attacks on our very lives. We ended the day with a march on the second anniversary of the police murder of young Laquan MacDonald. When the U.S. government talks about human rights violations around the world remember that minor children are killed by the police on a regular basis. This photo was taken from our march.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Presstv Interview

I thank Presstv for giving me the opportunity to once again talk about police murder in the United States. Last night I discussed the latest outrage, this time from California. Police there first tried to run a man over with their vehicle and then shot him 14 times. The interview can be seen here.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Statement on Charlotte Police Shooting and Rebellion

UNAC is committed to stopping the wars at home and abroad. You can read our statement on the Charlotte police shooting and protests here.

Community Public Radio (CPR) News - Vote Green

It is Thursday. That means it is CPR News day for me and Don DeBar. As always we talked about my Black Agenda Report column. This week in Vote Green I make the case for supporting the Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka ticket. In answer to the question about protest votes and wasted votes I say we must work towards getting rid of the democrats and replacing them with a real progressive party. There can be no more whining about a wish for another party. The time to build one is right now.

I am very much afraid of a Hillary Clinton presidency. I fear Donald Trump too but for different reasons. His racist appeals will unleash the undercover rednecks and that is a danger. But Hillary Clinton threatens WWIII. Everything is moot if we end up as nuclear ash.

We must organize and remain in constant struggle against them all. Step one is making an active commitment to replace the party which promises so much and does so little. You can listen to us here.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Statement on Syria

UNAC released the following statement on the continuing horror inflicted by the United States in its regime change effort in Syria.

U.S. Bombs Syria Army Escalating Potential for War with Syria/Russia

The US-Russian negotiated cessation of hostilities has collapsed in Syria.  The United States has intervened directly in ways that undermine any possibility of the ceasefire succeeding.   On September 18, US forces, four Jets followed by a couple of helicopters, attacked a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) outpost near Deir Ezzor killing at least 82 soldiers and wounding 100 more and destroying their equipment This was supposed to be a joint operation to go after ISIS, but under cover of this attack ISIS fighters stormed the SAA position and took the hilltops where they were stationed.  
Just after this unprecedented attack on the Syrian Army by the United States, Israel launched an attack on SAA positions in the Golan where they were fighting Al Nusra, killing and injuring several more Syrian soldiers.
The United States claimed that the attack was an accident.  Even so, US allies, Australia, Denmark and the UK- have confirmed that they too took part. All are assisting in imperialist murder
The Russians called a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the US violation of both the current cessation of hostilities agreement' and the Geneva agreement on Syria.   US Ambassador Samantha Power chose to boycott the meeting and instead held a press conference outside the door, which she opened by accusing the Russians of attacking civilians, schools and hospitals in Syria, before sarcastically accusing them of hypocrisy and calling the meeting a “stunt”.  She dismissed the murder of nearly 100 Syrians without a pause.  Powers indignation was clearly intended for her US audience as few others in the world would find her sarcasm and her rejection of the international forum for dialogue acceptable.
One day later, on September 19th, a UN Aid Convoy was struck while passing through opposition held territories in Aleppo, and 18 workers were killed.  A video of the wreckage was posted on the internet by the White Helmets, a US supported NGO that operates only in ISIS and Al Qaeda territories. The United States immediately blamed the Syrian air force, then the Russian air force, and finally “the Russians,” who, after a few hours of public silence, released drone footage showing a truck armed with mortars riding in the shadow of the convoy as it entered hostile territory.  They said that neither they nor the Syrians were in the vicinity of the convoy and that a full investigation would be necessary.
The US has moved from supporting proxies to direct intervention in Syria.  It is the second time in as many months that they have killed nearly 100 Syrians in an air raid.    They have betrayed a long negotiated treaty and when confronted, US Ambassador Samantha Power dissembled and attacked the messenger.  It is clear that the United States remains committed to overthrowing the internationally recognized government of Syria.   Pentagon planners have shown no respect whatsoever for international law or for the United States diplomatic commitments in Syria. They hope to prevent any resolution before a new president is inaugurated.
A few days before massacring the Syrian soldiers outside Deir Ezzor, the United States attempted to insert 300 Special Forces troops with Turkish backed Free Syrian Army factions in the town of Ra'i near the Turkish border.   The Americans were driven out by an angry mob of men calling out their hatred of Americans in between cries of 'Allahu Akbar'.   Later in the day, US bombers 'accidentally' struck a nearby town where the hostile organizations were billeted.   Shortly thereafter, US special forces returned to the town of Ra'i to join the remaining Free Syrian Army groups there.  
The United States has been holding up the cessation of hostilities from reaching a full implementation and clearly has no intention of honoring it.   The Syrian military has stood down in the vicinity of Aleppo, yet the US has made only a halfhearted effort to separate their so called 'moderates' from the mercenaries and fanatics of Al Nusra/Al Qaeda.  
The negotiation was a sham and now the US continues to dissemble, buying time to reinforce their proxies and put more US soldiers on the ground.  The Pentagon is sowing the seeds of open warfare against the legitimate government of Syria (and the threat of war with Russia) while exacerbating the horrific humanitarian crisis of the Syrian people.  

The time to stop them is NOW! 
Hands off Syria!
US Out of the Middle East!

Presstv- Charlotte police release dashcam & bodycam video of Scott shooting

Last night I was interviewed by the Iranian network, Presstv. I discussed the latest video of police murder of a black person, this time in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have to say I felt a bit like an old broken record as I said the same things. The Obama justice department can prosecute cops, but he doesn't care and black people won't call him on it.

Blah, blah, blah. But someone has to say it.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interviews: Hillary's Emails, Standing with Syria, Russophobe Propaganda

I have fallen behind in posting my Community Public Radio news interviews with Don DeBar so this post is an effort to catch up. We usually discuss my Black Agenda Report columns but as I didn't write one for the first two weeks of September we discussed a variety of issues. On September 8th we talked about Hillary Clinton's email server scandal and why it is relevant. It says a lot about how corrupt she is, how she would govern and how the issue has the potential to derail her presidency should she win. You can listen here.

On September 15th we discussed my column Standing with Syria after Don gives a brief report on the U.N., Gaza and aid to Israel. I believe it is vital for the anti-war movement to stand with the Syrian government. There are too many people who believe they can't express opposition to American intervention without adding that they are not pro-Assad. President Assad has an obligation to protect his country from terrorists in the pay of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. The United States presents the greatest danger to the Syrian people. More than 400,000 of them are dead and 9 million have been displaced by the regime change effort. It is not enough to say the fighting must stop. The American government calls the shots and the anti-war movement must be clear that the regime change project is responsible for the humanitarian crisis.

This past week I was moved to write about anti-Putin hysteria in the American corporate media. It is used quite cynically in an effort to promote Hillary Clinton's campaign. Anti-Putin Hysteria in Service to Hillary is the column and Don and I talk about it here.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Black Agenda Report

My column doesn't appear in this week's Black Agenda Report because I'm taking time to finish another project. I'll be back at BAR in mid-September. But no worries. BAR never disappoints. 

This week you can find out why black self-determination should be a principal organizing position, what is going in Burundi, how republicans and democrats are alike, why Russian can't destroy a non-existent American democracy, the awfulness of the national anthem, and BAR radio on private prisons, debtors prisons, U.S. permanent war, left divergence on Syria and peace talks in the Philippines. Did I leave anything out? Probably. BAR always has a lot to say.

U.S. Refused to Discuss Russian Peace Overtures on Syria

There has been much discussion about Syria lately and how the left should respond. I believe that while this debate is not new it has accelerated because of the presidential election and Hillary Clinton's determination to continute this war. Some "leftists" are finding it hard to break from the democrats. Hence the confusion and juvenile level of analysis.

At the end of my latest CPR News interview with Don Debar I pointed out the Russian's willingness to negotiate Assad's fate. In 2012 both president Vladimir Putin and his foreign secretary Sergei Lavrov publicly said they weren't wedded to Bashar al-Assad remaining as president of Syria. Their overtures were rejected publicly and privately and the carnage continued. It is important to keep this in mind the next time another denunciation of Putin makes the rounds.

In 2015 Finnish diplomat Martti Ahtisaari repeated what the Russians had already said three years earlier. His confirmation that these discussions took place was considered newsworthy. Yet Vaska Tumir pointed out in Off Guardian this "news" was a subterfuge for the corporate media. They acted as though they never knew what the Russians had already said to them.

I don't think that Russia or anyone else should decide Syria's fate but we must have our facts in order. The U.S./NATO, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, Israeli torment of Syria might have been stopped. But the empire would settle for nothing less than the destruction of that country.


CPR News, September 1, 2016

Today I had my weekly conversation with Don Debar. We discussed debates among the left on Syria. I am unafraid of defending the Syrian government's right to defend their country from attack from U.S./NATO and their allies. Listen up.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

UNAC Response to Terry Burke and In These Times

On March 13, 2016 the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) held a Day of Peace and Solidarity rally in New York City. I was among the many speakers who made clear our opposition to all U.S. interventions abroad. Obviously Syria was a subject of discussion and Syrian-Americans were in attendance who condemned the American led destruction of their country.

Terry Burke condemned the event in an In These Times article published two weeks ago. Burke says that our event was too "U.S. centric" and decried the fact that some of the Syrians who marched with us carried their own flags and images of president Assad. Burke criticizes the lack of a Syrian presence within the anti-intervention movement except there was a Syrian presence which she acknowledges but they are pro-Assad so they don't really count. It was the usual blather from pseudo leftists who don't really mind when wars are carried out by democrats and who are happy to listen to the bogus claims of humanitarian intervention. It is the U.S., Saudi, Israeli, Turkish, Qatari, ISIS camp who have destroyed Syria and displaced 9 million people and killed 400,000 more. There is nothing humanitarian about this brutal war.

It is discouraging that "leftists" aren't in full accord in their opposition to imperialism nor that they repeat corporate media lies about Syria and the rest of the world. UNAC wants self-determination for all people. Self-determination is impossible when a nation is under attack. Syria should be free of outside interference and its people should be able to make changes in their system on their own. That is why this war must end.

None of her arguments makes sense, but we at UNAC felt compelled to respond, point by point. After much discussion we did so and our rebuttal is now posted on the UNAC web site. Please take the time to read it.

Hands off Syria!

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: The Clinton and Powell War Criminal Charade

I love my weekly conversations with Don Debar on CPR News. I have a chance to talk about my Black Agenda Report columns in depth.This past week we have witnessed a public food fight between Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell. Clinton is afraid, and rightly so, that her illegal use of a private server while she served as secretary of state may derail her campaign. She had been blaming Powell and claiming falsely that he did the same thing. He did not and in any case the rules had changed when she led the state department and her actions were illegal. "Colin told me to do it" is not a get out of jail free card. Well, it is if you're a war criminal and she is that. Powell is too and that is what makes his indignation all the more amusing. The episode also points to collusion among the corporate media who have jumped to defend the indefensible Hillary. The Clinton and Powell War Criminal Charade is must reading if I may say so myself.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ajamu Baraka - Electoral Politics as a Tool for Radical Change

I was privileged to see my friend Ajamu Baraka on the stump as the green party vice presidential candidate. Ajamu came to Brook park in the Bronx, New York and made the case for the green party program. It was a wonderful event. Ajamu shows why the liberals are so afraid of the green party. If they are allowed to deliver their message the democrats will lose millions of votes. I hasten to add that would be an excellent result.

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: Liberal Hate for Stein and Baraka

My thanks to Don Debar for our weekly conversations on CPR News. Last week we talked about my Black Agenda Report column, Liberal Hate for Stein and Baraka. Liberal hate for the green party is off the charts and with good reason. Hillary Clinton's presidency could lead to World War III and the greens are the only ones pointing out the dangers she creates. Obama has laid the ground work already and ham fisted, blood thirsty Hillary could finish the job.

Her administration will be disastrous for many reasons. As Glen Ford points out, the Sanders capitulation and anti-Trump hysteria have resulted in a Big Nasty Tent that will crush the already weak progressive agenda.

I don't care if the green party costs her the white house. We need to lay the ground work for replacing the democrats altogether. Let's help make them history.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Black Agenda Report

This week's issue of Black Agenda Report is pretty awesome. Glen Ford dissects how the "left" and the ruling class are all supporting Hillary Clinton and her big tent of corruption. Plus Eric Draitser, Danny Haiphong and our usual cast of great writers on Libya, Neo-liberalism, charter schools and of course we have Black Agenda Radio too.

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: Police State Fascism

Here is my latest interview with Don Debar on CPR News. Don reports first on the ongoing Russia/Ukraine crisis and the murder of a DNC staffer. Then we talk about my latest Black Agenda Report column Police State Fascism. Trump can't bring fascism to America because it is here already, practiced against black people every day.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Presstv Interview on Police Murder

The headline is misleading. They strictly adhered to the policies of the 21st century slave patrol. I point this out in my comments in a Presstv interview.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News: Trump, Russia and Democratic Lies

That is the title of my latest column in Black Agenda Report. Donald Trump is proving to be the perfect foil for Hillary Clinton and the ruling classes. They continue their anti-Russia propaganda campaign and simultaneously give him a thorough beat down.

I discuss this same issue with Don DeBar on CPR News. First Don reports on the China pivot and then we have our weekly conversation.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Olympics Used as a Cold War Tool

The United States and its allies are determined to wage war by other means against the Russian Federation. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union NATO has encroached further and further and is now on Russia’s doorstep, surrounding it with member states. In 2014 the United States instigated a coup against the elected government of Ukraine and in response the Russian Federation annexed Crimea with its citizens’ support in order to protect itself from any possible military action. 

The imposition of sanctions, the expulsion of Russia from the G8 group, attacks upon Russian allied nations such as Syria, and the Saudi/United States connivance to lower the price of oil have all been used to inflict the maximum amount of damage. The western corporate media have played their obedient role and repeat every government slander against Russia. First president Vladimir Putin is demonized, then the entire country. They now refer to “Putin’s Russia” to insure that both the leader and his people are disregarded and considered unworthy of any human or international rights.

In recent months NATO has announced plans to place 31,000 troops on Russia’s borders, an act which increases the danger of war. New missiles have been located in neighboring countries and raise the risk of nuclear confrontation.

There are no bounds in this conflict. Even athletes are punished. The admission by several Russian athletes, coaches and doctors that they were involved in using or concealing the use of banned substances will result in a sparse Russian presence at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. 

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) banned every Russian track and field athlete from competition. None were given an opportunity to prove their innocence. They can only compete if they participate under a neutral Olympic flag, and not as representatives of Russia. After much debate the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that individual sports federations will determine who can and cannot go to the Rio de Janeiro games. But all Russian athletes must prove that they are “clean.” 

IOC chairman Thomas Bach is himself under attack from the western corporate media for his desire to protect as he put it “individual rights.” He should be praised for his attempt at fairness but instead he is vilified as if he were Vladimir Putin.

Cheating is rampant in world class athletics. Every year athletes from all over the world are caught using banned substances. In this instance the confessed cheaters have all left Russia and will profit personally from their own wrong doing. 

These decisions to single out Russia for punishment are unprecedented and are undeniably political in nature. It may seem harmless to use sports as part of the imperialist strategy, but demonization and aggression of any kind makes it likely that an actual military attack would face little opposition in western nations. 

NATO countries have violated the letter and the spirit of the olympics movement in order to carry out their goal of subjugating Russia by any and every means. It is not only a tragedy for the individuals involved, but is part of a greater danger to the entire world. The unrelenting campaign of lies against Russia must be opposed by people of conscience.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wikileaks Exposes Democrats Corruption

I love Wikileaks. Everyone should. If it weren't for Wikileaks we wouldn't have seen the horrors of the American occupation in Iraq. On a less important note they provided proof that Henry Louis Gates is a complete suck-up who lies to maintain his position as the official go-to spokesnegro. But I digress.

Last week Wikileaks released a trove of 19,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). These emails proved that the democratic party is nothing but a marketing machine used to convey an appearance of diversity and inclusivity. It works alongside the republicans to do the bidding of the ruling classes and wins elections by convincing its constituencies that they will work in their interests. They seldom do but that is part of the confidence game.

In my Black Agenda Report column I dissect why there is a bizarre effort to blame Vladimir Putin for the hack. They are desperate to deflect attention from the fact that they raise funds only for presidential candidates and leave local races bereft of funds. Of course this helps republicans but that is part of the act. Democrats claim they can't do what their supporters want because the Koch brothers have taken over state legislatures.

Even though Hillary Clinton had huge advantages over Bernie Sanders they trolled his supporters, disparaged his religious beliefs, and colluded with corporate media. While democrats continue to claim that Donald Trump is a fascist they actually fit that description.

Watching the DNC Burn

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Delete Your Account podcast with Roqayah Chamseddine and her plucky sidekick (their words) Kumars Salehi. We talked about the dismal state of the democratic party, how leftists should go about replacing it and the Wikileaks revelations of corruption. You can hear a portion of our discussion here.

Many thanks to Roqayah and Kumars.

"African Americans Still Suffer Under Obama"

Did you know that Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has a website? Well he does and I neglected to post this email interview I gave back in May. Here we are in July and the title wouldn't have changed at all.

The U.S. media gave little attention to the Frisco Five. They engaged in a hunger strike to protest police murder in San Francisco. I was asked to comment on this case. I was happy to do so.

When police committed yet another killing, San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr was forced to resign two weeks after the Frisco Five ended their protest. There are an average of three police killings every day in this country. If each one was protested with a hunger strike we would no longer have obesity in this country.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Stay Angry My Friends

I appeared on Doug Lain's Zero Squared podcast to discuss my recent column, Why We Need Black Anger. We spoke on July 17th, the day that Gavin Long killed three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was angry and rightly so. Those police are dead because we have no justice and therefore no peace. A good interview, if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gavin Long's Last Words

Gavin Long turned 29 years old on July 17, 2016. On that day he killed three policemen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The choice of location was not coincidental. Alton Sterling lost his life at the hands of police in that city and the murder was seen on video.

There is no reason to wonder why Gavin Long acted as he did. He explained himself quite clearly in this video. I wrote about Long in my Black Agenda Report column. It is very simple. When there is no justice there is no peace either.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Presstv Interview on Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Shootings

I was interviewed on Presstv last night. I was asked to speak about Obama's blather about being calm and not divisive or blah blah and then again blah. The country wouldn't be divided if he brought justice to victims of police murder.

Obama government root cause of divisions in US... by presstv

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gavin Long's Last Twitter posts

Convos With Cosmo on Protesting, Oppression, and how to deal with Bullies

This is Gavin Long. He is the named suspect in today's shooting deaths of three Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officers. He is now dead too.

He has much in common with Micah Johnson, the man who killed five police in Dallas, Texas last week. The media keep saying his motive is unclear. I think it is pretty obvious if you listen to him.

Update: This particular youtube video is no longer available. But search youtube. It is still visible as of today, July 20, 2016.

Presstv Interview: Police Killings in America

I was interviewed on Presstv on July 6th. I discussed the killing of Alton Sterling. Later that night Philando Castille was also killed by police.

This was less than two weeks ago but it seems like forever. We heard about Castille the next day. Dallas police were shot. Since that time a terrorist attack in Nice and a coup attempt in Turkey have seized our attention.

I appeared on Presstv again today. I discussed the killings of three policeman in Baton Rouge this morning. The gunman, Gavin Long, was killed by police himself. Like Micah Johnson, the Dallas gunman, he was a black man who served in the military.

I'll post when I have the link.

Protest held over killing of black man by US... by presstv