Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saudi Witch, American Savages

"We know they will get away with their crime now, but we will teach our children that America and the whole West are our enemies, so that they take revenge for these crimes."

Two weeks ago the United States dropped 40,000 pounds of bombs in a ten minute period on the people of Juboor, in the Latifiyah district south of Baghdad.

I had to read and reread that number. Is that 40,000 one-pound bombs? Is it 10,000 four-pound bombs? Is it one big ass 40,000 pound bomb? Do the bombs leave a lot of small craters, or one big crater? How many bombs failed to explode and killed children later? How many homes were hit? How many schools, or farms, or hospitals? How many human beings died in those ten minutes?

While our media tell us nothing about the savagery committed by our government, they waste no time in telling us about human rights abuses committed by Muslims. A Saudi woman has been sentenced to death after being accused of witchcraft. That is truly awful, but who is worse, Saudi mullahs or American members of Congress who either cheer on the mass killing or do nothing to stop it?

The Saudis could be like Americans, killing hundreds or thousands of people in one fell swoop. They aren't citizens of the country that commits more killings than any other. Then they would truly have reason to feel ashamed. Thank God they aren't Americans.