Monday, February 04, 2008

On Super Tuesday Vote for Dennis Kucinich (Part II)

You read correctly. I’m supporting someone who has dropped out of the presidential race. Dennis Kucinich was the only true progressive Democratic candidate and he is on the ballot in many states.

Kucinich has tirelessly campaigned for impeachment. He had a plan to end the occupation of Iraq. Clinton and Obama have nearly identical plans to maintain the occupation, albeit with smaller numbers of troops, but neither is truly committed to bringing the troops home.

Obama is getting the progressive title he doesn’t deserve, so I will focus on him more than on Clinton. For some reason voters can clearly see her as she is, but allow Obamaniacs to tell them that up is down.

Obama has pledged to increase the size of the army overall. Nothing good can come from increased militarization. Don’t be fooled by the claim that he is progressive. A progressive wouldn’t advocate attacking Pakistan. If Bush attacks Iran, before next January, will Obama end that action, or will he use weasel words about “being against it from the beginning” but do nothing to stop the carnage?

Remember his stump speech line. Obama isn’t against wars, just “dumb” wars. That means he will continue the expansion of theAmerican empire, the empire that only leads to death, that drops 100,000 pounds of bombs on human beings.

It doesn’t matter if Clinton and Obama are the only two still standing. You don’t have to vote for either one of them. If you want to work for peace you have only one choice. His name is Dennis Kucinich.

Forget the claim that you are wasting your vote. Those of us who want to work for peace are wasting our votes if we give them to Obama or Clinton.