Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kucinich, AIPAC and Pelosi

Two weeks ago a story began to circulate on the web about Congressman Dennis Kucinich's re-election bid. According to a confidential source, representatives from AIPAC and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Kucinich he would keep his seat without any problem if he dropped his call for impeachment.

Last week Kucinich denied that the story was true. Vin Gopal, a staffer on the Kucinich presidential campaign now owns up to being the source but denies having spoken as reported. Gopal said he would give more details but has not done so as of today.

I believe some aspect of the story was true. I'm sure that Dennis has been told that he will be safe if he shuts up. I'm sure that Pelosi would be happy to see him go, and the check bundlers probably needed little prompting to send cash in Cimperman's direction.

In any case, things are looking up for Dennis. He has commercials on the air, which is a good sign that he is raising money.

If you haven't already, you should send a contribution his way.