Friday, June 16, 2006

Tony Snow Proves Cynthia McKinney Right

A few months back Cynthia McKinney was called everything but a child of God. She struck a capital hill cop who grabbed her (armed and dangerous with a cell phone) and was raked over the coals for days on end because of the incident.

Someone should have known that something was amiss when White House press secretary Tony Snow praised her. Snow quoted a "McKinney" statement during a meeting with Bush.

"Cynthia McKinney made the point yesterday in the meeting with the president that the one thing they had gotten from generals there were thorough and honest assessments of what's going on."

There was just one little problem. McKinney wasn't at the meeting.

"I apologize for being an idiot. I misidentified Representative Sheila Jackson Lee as Cynthia McKinney."

Seen one colored woman at the White House, seen 'em all.