Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kerry Won, Ohio was Stolen

"We should have put more money behind it. I take responsibility for it; it was my mistake. They spent something like $30 million, and we didn't. That's just a terrible imbalance when somebody's lying about you." - John Kerry

What an idiot. All Kerry had to do was call them, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, liars. That is it. That is all. He should have called them liars and sued them for slander. He didn't need money to call them liars, he just should have said so, often.

Wimping out to right wing smears was the least of Kerry's crimes. The election was stolen from him, it is provable, but he still straddles the fence. The current issue of Rolling Stone has an exhaustive report from Robert Kennedy, Jr. on the subject.

Ohio was the key part of the theft that sent Bush back to the White House. Kerry had an opportunity to expose the theft and delegitimize Bush, but being Kerry, he did nothing. He still says nothing about it. What a loser.

Kerry is now rebutting the Swift Boat chargers. Talk about a day late and a dollar short. In general I hate the fact that Hillary Clinton is already the democratic establishment choice for 2008. There is a bright side, however. I won't have to hear about Kerry anymore.