Thursday, June 08, 2006

George and Laura Split

As I reported back on May 26th, the tabloids are saying that George and Laura are in serious trouble. George is hitting the bottle and Laura wants him to seek counseling. Now comes word that Laura has moved out of the White House and is staying at Washington's Mayflower Hotel. The Mayflower will neither confirm nor deny.

Let's see if the New York Times finds this news fit to print. They defended their voyeurism of the Clinton's marriage, but they have yet to print anything negative about the Bush family.

Now comes word that the rift is caused by Condi Rice, Secretary of State and rumored home wrecker. She did have a slip of the tongue a few years back and call Bush her husband, maybe she is finally turning her fantasy into reality.

I actually hope that if the corporate media ever has the guts to report on George and Laura that they leave Condi out of it. There are enough indications that George never stopped drinking and that he is in serious need of mental health care. They have to play catch up by reporting on him the way they should have been all along.

Who am I kidding? The media protects him and defends his policies from the occupation of Iraq to the elimination of the estate tax. They certainly won't touch his private life.