Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Money for Slaughter

"Gentle reader, are you getting enough vicarious pleasure from the slaughter of Iraqi women and children to justify this price tag? Is murdering 'ragheads' that important to you? If so, you are one sick person, just like every member of the Bush administration." Paul Craig Roberts

Congress has decided to keep spending your money to fund terror around the world. What's another $50 billion when so much has gone into Halliburton's coffers already? While more money is spent to kill people the Bush administration has decided to make sure that even fewer people have the opportunity to tell us about it. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has ordered all reporters to leave Guantanamo. When the next suicide takes place there, we probably won't be told about it.

The suicides of three prisoners there capped off a week of glee and gloating over death. So much for the GOP "culture of life" which only applies to embryos and Floridians in vegetative states.

While politicians and newspapers out did one another dancing on Zarqawi's grave, the U.S. government dismissed the suicides of desperate prisoners held without charge as a "p.r. move." Even the Bushies had to take back that disgraceful remark, but only as a "p.r. move." The State Department spokesperson who first uttered those awful words knew what she was saying. Bush and his team are all uncivilized barbarians, and what comes out of their mouths first is exactly what they mean.