Friday, July 08, 2005

They Hate Our Freedoms?

They don't hate our freedoms, or our way of life. They hate our governments. Too bad the average American will never get that information.

"Terrorism may be abominable, but it is rarely irrational. The terrorists do indeed have a rationale: it’s just that we often don’t want to hear it. Years before 9/11, Al Qaeda openly declared jihad against America, not because they “hate our freedoms”, but because we stationed large numbers of our decidedly non-Muslim troops on Saudi soil, which is, according to the Wahabist school of extreme Islam, a sin, and refused to leave. Yes we were in Saudi Arabia at the invitation of the Saudis, but Osama and company hate the Saudi rulers as much as they hate us for that very reason. But how many Americans knew what Osama’s original beef with us was all about? Or even know today?"

Hooman Majd