Friday, July 08, 2005

Bidil Is Very Expensive

I'll say it again. Bidil stinks, badly. This alleged wonder drug was the first to be approved for use in one ethnic group, African Americans. Bidil is in fact just a combination of two generics. It will also be very expensive.

Bidil is priced at $1.80 per pill. Depending on dosage it will cost patients between $5.40 and $10.80 per day. Nitromed, Bidil's manufacturer, has a charity program to defray costs for uninsured patients. How very nice of them.

Once again we see an example of an unnecessary drug raising health care costs for everyone. Insured patients may be able to get the drug, if it is included in their insurance company formulary. It is still bad news for us all. Drug company chicanery continues to drive up health care costs.

The New York Times has the story. Registration is required but it is free.