Friday, July 22, 2005

Charles Evers Lies

Charles Evers is the worst of the worst. He is a black conservative who uses the name of his dead brother, Medgar Evers, to further the right wing cause. Today he used Alternet, asserting that he is a Republican because he wants to work for change from the inside.

Evers has a long history of supporting Republican racists, like Trent Lott and judge Charles Pickering. He may have also been an informant for the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, America's own version of the KGB and Stasi. The Commission spied on over 87,000 Mississippians who threatened that state's "way of life," that is to say segregation and terror. Here are the chilling words from Evers own mouth.

"I wascooperating with the Sovereignty Commission from the point of negotiation,"Evers said. "It wasn't that I was going to tell on somebody. It was, 'We'regoing to march at eleven o'clock tomorrow, governor, and I want someone there toprotect my people.'" He added, "I guess they're trying to say that I was playingboth sides. Well, I'll play three sides if necessary.... Whatever it took, Iwould do that. I had enough of my people lynched; I had enough of themistreatment; I had enough of 'em beaten and denied the right just to go andvote or get a damn drink of water. Whatever I could do on my part, if it meantkissin' ass, I'd kiss ass."

According to the Commission's own documents he was "in the palm of our hands." Evers claims of innocence are hard to swallow and so are his claims of working to change the Republican party. He is either an opportunist or a true believer in the right wing cause. Either way he is not to be believed now.