Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Prince Albert of Monaco, the Baby's Daddy

He can have the cash, but not the throne. Monaco's Prince Albert acknowledged fathering a son with Nicole Coste, a flight attendant from the African nation Togo. His son, Alexandre, can inherit his estate, but can't use the Grimaldi name, and will never be a prince, being illegitimate and all that.

This is definitely a new rule for the principality. Albert's grandmother, Charlotte, was the illegitimate child of a prince and a cabaret singer. Her father adopted her and a subsequent law gave adopted heirs succession rights. Go ahead Albert. Adopt your own kid.

What is the problem? His sisters have been pregnant when they got married, or had babies without being married. Alexandre should join his not so highly born cousins and have the right to inherit his dad's throne. His mother should go ahead and give him the name Grimaldi. The other Grimaldis are in no position to be snobbish on this subject.