Saturday, September 24, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interviews: Hillary's Emails, Standing with Syria, Russophobe Propaganda

I have fallen behind in posting my Community Public Radio news interviews with Don DeBar so this post is an effort to catch up. We usually discuss my Black Agenda Report columns but as I didn't write one for the first two weeks of September we discussed a variety of issues. On September 8th we talked about Hillary Clinton's email server scandal and why it is relevant. It says a lot about how corrupt she is, how she would govern and how the issue has the potential to derail her presidency should she win. You can listen here.

On September 15th we discussed my column Standing with Syria after Don gives a brief report on the U.N., Gaza and aid to Israel. I believe it is vital for the anti-war movement to stand with the Syrian government. There are too many people who believe they can't express opposition to American intervention without adding that they are not pro-Assad. President Assad has an obligation to protect his country from terrorists in the pay of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. The United States presents the greatest danger to the Syrian people. More than 400,000 of them are dead and 9 million have been displaced by the regime change effort. It is not enough to say the fighting must stop. The American government calls the shots and the anti-war movement must be clear that the regime change project is responsible for the humanitarian crisis.

This past week I was moved to write about anti-Putin hysteria in the American corporate media. It is used quite cynically in an effort to promote Hillary Clinton's campaign. Anti-Putin Hysteria in Service to Hillary is the column and Don and I talk about it here.