Monday, August 22, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: Liberal Hate for Stein and Baraka

My thanks to Don Debar for our weekly conversations on CPR News. Last week we talked about my Black Agenda Report column, Liberal Hate for Stein and Baraka. Liberal hate for the green party is off the charts and with good reason. Hillary Clinton's presidency could lead to World War III and the greens are the only ones pointing out the dangers she creates. Obama has laid the ground work already and ham fisted, blood thirsty Hillary could finish the job.

Her administration will be disastrous for many reasons. As Glen Ford points out, the Sanders capitulation and anti-Trump hysteria have resulted in a Big Nasty Tent that will crush the already weak progressive agenda.

I don't care if the green party costs her the white house. We need to lay the ground work for replacing the democrats altogether. Let's help make them history.