Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Seinfeld Damage Control

Poor Jerry Seinfeld. He is sitting on a pile of cash from his days of Seinfeld success. The show is in endless reruns and DVDs of the first six seasons are on sale. Just when the latest DVDs are set for release, and more cash is flowing in, Michael Richards ruins it for everyone.

What is Seinfeld to do? There he is going on Letterman to hawk a must have Christmas gift but he knows that he will have to talk about his friend's sick, racist rant.

Voila. Have him on satellite and tell him to apologize but quick. Better for Seinfeld, Richards, and better for Letterman's ratings.

What is a black person to do? As I noted in yesterday's post, it is hard to know what to do about white celebrities. Should we like them? Who knows if they are closet racists? Well, you never know, but that sums up life for black people in a variety of ways. We don't know what to expect on job interviews, when we are stopped by police or if we go shopping in a store.

Richard doesn't have much of a career, so he can't even be boycotted. It doesn't make much sense to avoid all television and movies with white stars. We wouldn't have much to watch.

I guess I'll have to go with the shows on WB and UPN that I used to make fun of. Some of them aren't so bad, and I won't have to wonder if I'm feeding the hand that will bite me.

We should do what we always do. Enjoy life as much as possible, but be ready for the worst. Well, there is a depressing thought. I guess I'll go watch a sitcom and relieve my stress.