Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rev. Ted Haggard, A Hateful Little Man

"I offer a deep tissue and swedish style massage with the pleasure of the man in mind. If you like a strong muscle man to bring pleasure to you then please call me." - Mike Jones, drug dealing prostitute and friend to down low, right wing, evangelicals

Imagine Mike Jones' surprise. The sex worker was in a gym, watching tv when he saw a regular customer on the tube. It turned out that the man he knew as "Art" was in fact Rev. Ted Haggard, pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs and president of the National Association of Evangelicals. What did Jones say to himself at the moment? "Hey, I get high with that guy and I lick his balls!" Well, something to that effect.

Preacher Ted Haggard is the latest closeted conservative in the hot seat. When Jones first claimed to have both had sex with and used methamphetamines with Haggard, Haggard called him a liar. He said he didn't know him at all. Period. End of story.

Well, that version of events lasted for about one day. Everything changed when Jones produced taped voice mail messages left by Haggard. Not only did they talk, but they talked about buying methamphetamines. Finally Haggard cracked and owned up to knowing Jones, getting a massage from him, and buying meth from him, but only to throw it away and not use it. The New Life Church was as unconvinced as everyone else and fired Haggard, who now cops to being a "deceiver and a liar."

I first lost any inclination to be compassionate towards Haggard when gave an interview in his car with the wife and kiddies by his side. A reporter asked him if he would step out so they could talk in private, but the lying deceiver had clearly lost any vestige of common sense decision making and dug himself in deeper with his family in tow.

Jones did the public a great service when he revealed Haggard's hypocrisy. I admit to not knowing anything about the guybefore the scandal, but a 2005 Harper's article is an eye opening and frightening revelation about the evangelical movement.

"In America the descendants of the Protestants, the Puritan descendants, we want to create a better future, and our speakers say that sort of thing. But with the influx of people from Mexico, they don't tend to be the ones that go to universities and become our research-and-development people. And so in that way I see a little clash of civilizations.”

“I teach a strong ideology of the use of power,” he says, “of military might, as a public service.”

Haggard is a pro-war fascist cult leader. He spreads hate and promotes American wars of aggression. I hope he won't be missed, but the sickness that gave him followers will not disappear. In the fine American tradition of religious hucksterism, he will be followed by others who are equally vile.

posted 11/05/06