Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Lied, So Did Michael Richards

OK, so I am posting before Monday. I really had intended to take off for the weekend, but that was before a friend told me that Michael Richards was never heckled by anyone before he spewed his sick tirade last week. Kyle Doss and Frank McBride, victims of the hate filled routine, were interviewed on the Today Show today. Watch the video.

Both men report that Richards attacked them from the moment they walked in with a group of friends. As soon as he saw them Richards made a comment about “stupid blacks and Mexicans.” Someone in their group responded, “You’re not funny,” but only after Richards flipped the bird and used the word nigger numerous times.

Now that the truth is out, damage control has gone into high gear. Richards is calling Al and Jesse and any other famous black person he can find to take his calls.

I had Richards pegged as a racist from day one. If he had been heckled, so what? Comedians have to deal with rowdy patrons all the time. Richards evocation of lynching revealed a sick, hateful mind. End of story.

OK, now I’m finished until Monday. I think.