Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blonde, Blue Eyed White People Prevented from Voting

I predicted this would happen in my Black Agenda Report column entitled, How to Steal an Election. It is clear that voter ID requirements are preventing eligible voters from casting their ballots. So much so, that very well known white people are having problems voting too.

Robin Carnahan is Missouri's Secretary of State. She is the official in charge of that state's voting regulations. Her father was Governor and her mother was a Senator. As you can see from her official photo she is very, very white. The last point was probably the only thing that allowed her to vote by absentee ballot last week.

A Missouri law mandating photo ID was struck down by a federal court, but a poll worker insisted that Carnahan could not submit her absentee ballot without an ID. Carnahan persisted and was eventually allowed to vote without photo identification. "To have that experience personally was very troubling," said Carnahan. Now there is an under statement.

Steve Chabot is an Ohio Republican Congressman. He submitted his driver's license as ID but it displays his office address and not the home address listed on the rolls. The Congressman was forced to return home to retrieve additional identification.

Unlike Carnahan, Chabot didn't complain. "I guess this just shows the poll workers are really doing their job." Actually the incident showed just the opposite. As a state of Ohio website clearly states, "You may also use your Ohio driver's license or Ohio photo ID, even if it shows a previous address."

If well known very white people are having trouble at the polls, what hope do poor people have who don't have the luxury of time or the wherewithal to argue or the positive assumptions that come with having white skin. If the results tomorrow show another Republican victory, don't be surprised. Remember you heard it here first.