Monday, September 05, 2005

U.S. is a Failed State

As always, Black Commentator was ahead of the curve. Why is the head of FEMA a political crony instead of an emergency management expert? Why were the levees neglected? Why did the federal government ignore years of warnings about the need to provide an evacuation plan? Why are we in need of aid from the rest of the world?

All of these questions have the same answer. The U.S is now officially a "failed state."

" . . . the Pirates at the helm of the GOP relentlessly pursue their larger agenda: to destroy every structure of government that has usefulness to the public – especially, Black people – in order to clear the way for corporate governance."

"Of what use is a congressional or state Black political caucus, or Black mayors and city councils, if the state is so enfeebled that it cannot deliver the goods? "

"The Bush regime has summoned the failed state chicken home to roost, with a vengeance, as it attempts to strip away every social obligation of the state to the people. However, the legitimacy of American governments at all levels has long been eroding, as defined by their capacity to provide political goods to the citizenry."

We cannot allow this process to continue. The New Orleans disaster is the direct result of the policy of deliberate failure. This city must be rebuilt and all of its inhabitants must be given the right to return to the homes they inhabited before Katrina struck.

The rest of us can never forget that every effort to destroy social security, or keep us indebted to credit card companies, are steps on the road to state failure.