Friday, September 23, 2005

Evacuees Burn to Death and President Hallucinates

Sorry to be so blunt, but there is no way to sugar coat it. Hurrican evacuees from a Texas nursing home burned to death when their bus caught fire and ignited their oxygen tanks. Twenty-four people are dead.

Buses, buses, buses. That is all we heard from the White House crowd post-Katrina. New Orleans Mayor Nagin had hundreds, some said thousands of buses that he didn't use to evacuate his city. There were approximately 300 school buses in New Orleans, but the drivers were getting the hell out of Dodge like everyone else.

What will they say about Texas, Dubya's home? Will we hear the endless refrain about "failures at all levels of government?" Even after Katrina, not even one month after Katrina, Texas officials had no clue about evacuating residents. Traffic jams 100 miles long were filled with cars that had broken down or run out of gas.

The Bushies can't suddenly change horses in mid-stream and use government for the benefit of the public. They haven't done it because they aren't interested. In their world view the purpose of government is to make war and to help the haves have more. They can't save us from natural disasters or anything else.

By the way, who is Bianca and why does Bush want to talk to her when she is no where to be seen? Is the National Enquirer correct that Bush is hitting the bottle?