Monday, January 24, 2005

Will Israel Attack Iran?

If it does, it will be with the full support of the United States. The same people who gave us the Iraq occupation are chomping at the bit to let Israel attack Iran and destroy its nuclear capability.

Israel did the same thing with Iraq, which made Condi's now infamous "mushroom cloud" remark all the more laughable. Saddam Hussein couldn't resurrect his plans for attaining nuclear capability even if he wanted to do so.

The full insanity of the Bushmen and the irrelevance of the Democrats has come to fruition. What will the Democrats do? We already know the answer to that because they don't dare criticize Israel either. They will do nothing.

The pro-Israeli lobby has silenced the nation. You can't run for dog catcher if you speak out against Israel. Once again Israel's desires will help determine foreign policy decisions that the rest of the world finds abhorrent.

The Muslim world will hate us all the more. Actually, the entire world will hate us, all of us, no longer making a distinction between the government and the people.