Thursday, January 06, 2005

How John Kerry Can Redeem Himself

Keith Olbermann has been unique in the corporate media. He has actually covered the vote theft of 2004. Imagine that.

Today Congress will ratify the vote of the electoral college unless at least one member of the United States Senate says that they should not. In his blog Olbermann reports that as many as six Senators may do just that. John Kerry should be one of them.

Instead of thinking about running again and bringing another Republican to the White House, Kerry must stand up today and do what he should have done on November 3rd when he punked out and gave George W. Bush legitimacy.

He must say that the Republicans cheated. They cheated when they made sure that Ohio polling places had insufficient numbers of voting machines. They cheated when they tabulated votes electronically. John Kerry can only redeem himself if he stands up today for the voting rights of American citizens.