Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Conscience of a Conservative

"In the ranks of the new conservatives, however, I see and experience much hate. It comes to me in violently worded, ignorant and irrational emails from self-professed conservatives who literally worship George Bush. Even Christians have fallen into idolatry. There appears to be a large number of Americans who are prepared to kill anyone for George Bush."

These words were written by a Republican, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who served as Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan. He has also served as an associate editor for the Wall Street Journal editoral page and as contributing editor for the National Review.

In a commentary for Zmag he not only skewers the fanaticism and delusion of the right, but the failure of the supposedly liberal media to stand up to Bush. Roberts' words are a powerful indictment of a delusional, crazed nation.