Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vote Theft Watch

They have to cheat in order to win. If the Republican skewed polls show a dead heat that means only one thing. Kerry is ahead of Bush.

Ohio is going to be the new Florida. This week a judge ruled that provisional ballots must be cast in the correct precinct. If you vote at the wrong precinct your ballot won't be counted. Even worse, Republicans in that state have registered twice as many poll watchers as the Democrats have. These poll watchers will be able to challenge anyone's eligibility to vote.

Two weeks ago Black Commentator predicted that this crisis would take place. The DNC decided that the priority should be on legal challenges instead of on the ground foot soldiers. The result is that Kerry voters will be harassed and intimidated at the polls.

Actually, Florida is still Florida. Over 10,000 people who thought they are registered are not. They neglected to check a box stating that they are U.S. citizens. Of course, the form also requires a signature swearing citizenship. A judge ruled that signing the form is not enough. If the box isn't checked, no vote can be cast.

Greg Palast and the BBC once again run rings around their American colleagues. In Jacksonville Florida the GOP has a list of 1,800 people who they say are ineligible to vote. They are also filming people at early balloting locations in black neighborhoods.

Help get out the vote. If you live in a swing state or can get to one easily check out this site to find out how to help.