Thursday, October 28, 2004

Polls Show Kerry Winning

Four years ago polls showed Al Gore losing to George W. Bush. OK, he lost, but he won more votes than Bush did. Polls over estimate Republican strength and under estimate Democratic strength. Read about it all here.

Bush will have to do a lot of cheating between now and Tuesday in order to win. I don't see Kerry losing any of Al Gore's states, and I think he will pick up a few more. Even if the GOP succeeds in hijacking Florida again, it won't be enough. Not that they haven't tried. Palm Beach County, land of the butterfly ballot, has somehow neglected to put any early voting polling places in black neighborhoods. What a coincidence.

The GOP poll watcher intimidation planned for Ohio must be the result of some very bad polling numbers. Karl Rove knows better than the rest of us that it doesn't look good there.

If Kerry loses it will be because of cheating, lawsuits, and ultimately the Supreme Court.