Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bush is Desperate

Even the boot licking punditry agree that Kerry won the debates. Polls show his numbers improving. That is all very good news, except for one problem.

The Bushmen are fanatics. They will not go quietly. They will attempt to cheat at the ballot box and God only knows what the October Surprise will be. I have more thoughts on the subject in Black Commentator.

By the way, after getting busted in the first debate, the president was still wearing something odd under his jacket. If they are still giving him audio assistance after already being caught, Bush must literally be incapable of thinking or speaking for himself anymore. After all, he has postponed his annual physical, which usually takes place in August, until after the election. Rumors are rampant. Was he wearing a defribrilator? Why did he want to talk to Kerry after the debate? As I pointed out in a September 26th post, at least one physician sees signs of "presenile dementia," a precursor to Alzheimers.

None of this rumor mongering would be necessary if they would just be honest. I know. Dream on.