Thursday, October 28, 2004

Trouble in the Buckeye State

"It's going to get worse, too: mark my words, when Democrats, civil rights attorneys, and voters themselves get visibly angry about this gambit, the GOPers will start whining about "potential violence" at the polls, and even pretend their goons are being intimidated and harassed. If nothing else, it will give them an excuse to go to court to contest Ohio's outcome if the state goes for Kerry.

Now I have no direct evidence that Karl Rove has planned and is executing this voter suppression strategy, though it's interesting that every Republican hack and pundit in the universe started singing like a cicada about "voter fraud" about a week before the Ohio story got into the national news. But it sure as hell fits Rove's M.O. like a glove. "

New Donkey

The more I read about Election Day, the more convinced I am that Ohio will be the main target of GOP chicanery. Polls show Kerry winning and that means the Republicans will have to cheat in order to win. They have already tipped their hand. They are complaining about voter fraud and Democratic voter intimidation. A Kerry victory in that state will be challenged in court.

I hope the reports of a Democratic legal swat team are accurate.