Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Thanks for Nothing George

We all look older than we did in 1997. But suppose you involved yourself in a war that most of the world opposed with a man most of the world despises or fears? I think you would age worse than the rest of us do. If you were recently diagnosed with an irregular heart beat it wouldn't be surprising either. Judge for yourself.

I Told You So

In my October 7th post I discussed the way the Bushies have lied about the results of polls conducted in Iraq. John Zogby, whose poll results were manipulated, gives more details.

On September 28th I discussed the dangers of Americans knowing so little about Iraqi culture. We Americans don't know a lot about our own culture after all. The New York Times give us the sad details. Maybe someone in the U.S. military might consider developing a crash course in Iraqi etiquette if not in the Arabic language.

How foolish of me to even think such a thing. I'm sorry. I must have been dreaming. The Freedom Rider is definitely too tired to write another word this evening. Good night.