Monday, October 06, 2003

"Gary Coleman is no more of a joke than Schwarzenegger"
Bill Maher

I have been scratching my head wondering why Schwarzenegger was ever a factor in the recall election in the first place. This comic is as good an explanation as any other I have heard. If Schwarzenegger wins it will prove that Americans will elect a Hitler-loving groper as long as they have seen him in an action movie and he promises to get rid of a car tax. If Californians are desperate they should want republicans out. Remember the "rolling black outs" from a few years back? Republicans helped Enron cut off California's power and make millions. Unfortunately Enron didn't make enough to forestall going belly up and losing its employees' life savings.

I try not to be a snob when discussing opinions not in sync with my own. But I have to say it. America has way too many stupid people. The level of stupidity in our nation is grotesque and getting worse by the moment. Of course, our leaders encourage ignorance. How else can republicans undo an election and get their guy in power? If the electorate were interested and informed they couldn't get away with it.

As to Bill Maher's question, Gary Coleman isn't white, tall, a movie star, or married to a Kennedy. Oops. I have to correct myself. Arnie isn't even tall. I have seen him in the flesh and he is 5'11" at the most. Hurray for Hollywood.