Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The Morning After

Who should we blame? Gray Davis for not dropping out? Maria Shriver for being a dutiful Stepford Wife? The press for treating a political campaign like a press junket for a new movie? Let's not give Oprah a pass either (September 16th post).

On several occasions I met the late James Davis, the City Councilman who was shot and killed this summer. He ran for office with a campaign poster that looked more like an actor's 8x10 glossy. He told me why. "People will vote for a celebrity instead of a politician any time."

The worst result of this fiasco is the boost it gives Bush in next year's presidential election (October 2nd post). The august New York Times thinks otherwise but I'm not buying it. Republicans would not have gotten Davis out of office unless they thought it would help Bush win the state. They are long range planners. Unfortunately I am a member of the democratic party. The party run by defensive, reactive, clueless leadership.