Sunday, October 05, 2003

Slavery in New York State

Where was Sojourner Truth enslaved?
(a) Virginia
(b) Georgia
(c) Alabama
(d) New York

The title of this post gives away the answer. Isabella Baumfree, known as Sojourner Truth, was born and spent most of her life enslaved in New York State. Slavery did not end in New York State until 1827, and then only under a system of "gradual emancipation" that left some enslaved until the 1840s.

Yesterday the remains of over 400 enslaved and free black New Yorkers were re-interred in lower Manhattan. The African Burial Ground was discovered in the early 1990s and a ten year long effort was made to study the site and the remains before returning the deceased to their resting place.

I am sorry that I was unable to attend the ceremony. But thanks to the miracle of cyber space I can share some of it with you. If you have a media player you can see the broadcast here if you click on "CBS 2 video."

Better to Be Thought a Fool

I have written several posts this past week about Rush Limbaugh. The first story dealt with his remarks about black quarterbacks and then like manna from heaven it was discovered that Rush is quite the pill popper.

When stories like these break, we can always rely on certain people to say something asinine. Enter Pat Robertson. At first I found his remarks incomprehensible, but I think I have figured it all out. Pat doesn't want a black actor to portray the Almighty. Before you get angry just consider the source. This is the same man who agreed with Jerry Falwell that liberals were to blame for the 9/11 terror attacks.