Monday, May 25, 2009

The Trouble with Glenn Greenwald

As always, Glenn Greenwald brilliantly dissects the Obama indefinite detention policy and why it is so horrific. As always, he then punks out and refuses to make the case for opposing him. I told him so personally in this little missive.

"Ambinder doesn't mean me personally or exclusively; he means people who are criticizing Obama not in order to harm him politically, but in order to pressure him to do better."

What is wrong with wanting to harm Obama politically? You spell out clearly why his indefinite detention plan is so terrible, but then you apologize for opposing him and justify that opposition in terms of wanting to help him.

I suggest you focus on helping yourself and 300 million other people. Obama couldn't care less about us. He is as cynical as they come. He will do what he can get away with and it is pretty clear that he will get away with making imprisonment without charge legal.

Who in congress will oppose him? Will it be the republicans, or Pelosi, or Reid? Will the congressional black caucus stand up? The answer is a resounding "no" to all of the above. In the past they have all either gone along with the program or remained silent, which amounts to the same thing.

Stop worrying about helping Obama. That is the sure pathway to political hell. Stand up for what is right and legal, whether it helps or hurts him is irrelevant. To do otherwise makes you and I just chumps in his eyes and potentially his next victims.

Our country has changed for the better only when citizens demand it without regard for the political fortunes of people who are doing them harm. If you don't stand up and make the case for opposing Obama, your brilliant words ultimately will mean nothing.

Margaret Kimberley
New York NY