Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can You Say African American?

Barack Obama can't without choking on the words. BET reporter Andre Showell, not Andrea, asked Obama about high levels of black unemployment at the over hyped 100 day press conference.

I remembered this moment when I was interviewed last Saturday by Warren Jones on WBOK. I was joined by my BAR colleague Bruce Dixon and by Larry Pinckney of Black Commentator. Unfortunately the interview isn't available online.

Warren asked about Obama's non-response to the unique problem of black unemployment. He was only willing to talk about the rising tide lifting all boats, and not about black people specifically and not without also mentioning latinos, lest he be accused of singling us out for assistance.

I remembered the question and I remembered that Obama mumbled the words African American towards the end of his response. Check it out starting at 46 minutes 21 seconds and lasting until about 48 minutes 49 seconds.