Friday, March 06, 2009

Why We Must March Against Obomba

"With his speech today, President Obama has essentially agreed to continue the criminal occupation of Iraq indefinitely. He announced that there will be an occupation force of 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq for at least three more years. President Obama used carefully chosen words to avoid a firm commitment to remove the 50,000 occupation troops, even after 2011.The war in Iraq was illegal. It was aggression. It was based on lies and false rationales. President Obama's speech today made Bush’s invasion sound like a liberating act and congratulated the troops for 'getting the job done.' More than a million Iraqis died and a cruel civil war was set into motion because of the foreign invasion. President Obama did not once criticize the invasion itself."
Answer Coalition

The video in the previous post is a picture that speaks 1,000 words. It shows just a small part of the reasons why we must continue to march against America's evil occupation of Iraq. The occupation is no less evil under Obama than it was under Bush. Occupation still kills and maims in Iraq or in Afghanistan.

The nature of occupation doesn't change. A democratic occupation is the same as a republican occupation. That is why we must march on Saturday, March 21st.

BTW, I know how the president's name is spelled.