Sunday, March 08, 2009

Single Payer Health Care and Economic Recovery

Should taxpayers continue shoveling money down the AIG "where taxpayer dollars go to die" black hole or should they have single payer health care?

We all know that AIG wins, but single payer health care would create 2 million jobs and increase public and business revenues by $317 billion. Those figures come from a California Nurse Association study and Black Agenda Report has the scoop.

Single payer health care, medicare for all, call it what you will, would save and create jobs and save many businesses. Yet it is off of the political table. We are left with saving the parasitic bankster class and the policy decisions that would really change the economic landscape are forbidden and kept in the attic like crazy relatives.
Too bad for us. We are just ass out as the saying goes. More good money after bad, instead of a true bail out.