Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rachel Maddow Creeps Us Out

Isn't Barack Obama wonderful! He is going to build hospitals in Pakistan. He ought to because the drones he sends there, the first within 48 hours of taking office, certainly maim enough people to warrant more hospital beds.

Well Rachel Maddow certainly thinks it is a very big deal. She starts this segment by comparing creepy code words like "homeland" and hackneyed phrases like "standing down when they stand up" that Obama shares with one George W. Bush.

But like a good little liberal she can't bare to follow through on the obvious conclusion that Obama is continuing every aspect of the Bush policy of military aggression. She even manages to wax enthusiastic because Obama shows up in public with his secretary of state. You see, he is different because he includes diplomatic niceties before he kills thousands of people, or whatever. See for yourself. Maddow and her fellow useless liberals will find a way to defend anything coming from Obama, including a future attack on Iran. Mark my words.