Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obama's Lies

Nearly two weeks have passed since Barack Obama gave a speech on race. I never knew why so many people fainted, wept or saw God when they heard it, but then again I don't get the appeal of Obama at all.

I am stuck on an Obama truth telling mission and I don't want to stop. So, not to beat a dead horse or anything, but these statements emanating from the Jeremiah Wright controversy just stuck in my craw. I had to share my dismay at the outright lies and slanders that came out of Obama's mouth when he was a guest on The View last week.

"The statements that were made were rightly offensive. What they spoke to was a brilliant man caught in a time warp where he grew up and didn't have a good enough sense of how America's changed."

"Imagine someone compiled the 5 stupidest things you ever said, and then played them over and over again for weeks."

"I spoke to Rev Wright after this episode, and I told him I felt badly he's been characterized in this one way. But he was my pastor. I think people overstate his role as my mentor or spiritual advisor."

I shouldn't be speechles and yet I am. Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a stupid old uncle, caught in a time warp, who was a pastor but not really a mentor or advisor or anything. So much for the question of whether or not Obama threw him under the bus. Wright has tire marks all over his body.

I have never thought that ignorance was in any way blissful, so I will see you in the time warp. That time warp is called reality and I like living there.

Hat tip America Blog