Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Israel Kills Palestinians

"The girl's family had called an ambulance but it came under fire and was not able to reach the house.

When he tried to carry the girl out of the house, under a white flag, he said troops in an Israeli tank fired warning shots above their heads forcing them to dive for cover. Shortly after that Safa died in her father's arms."

This is supposed to be a day full of big changes. If Barack Obama wins the Ohio and Texas primaries as expected, change is allegedly in the air.

Nothing changes for the Palestinians. Israel still kills them, men, women and children, with impunity. Twelve year old Safa Abu Seif was one of approximately 100 who have been killed by Israelis soldiers in Gaza in recent days.

No, there isn't any change coming, not with Obama or Clinton or McCain. Israel will always have Uncle Sam's support and can keep killing whenever and wherever it wants.